Gunnison Beach Rules

Here are the NEW rules for Gunnison clothing optional beach

  • 36 CFR §1.5 and in accordance with §3.17(c), the Superintendent has restricted the following activities or items on lifeguarded beaches:
  • Glass containers.
  • Shade Structures – Only umbrellas with a diameter of no more than 8’ that requires only one central station to support shade whether upright or an angled position. (No other shade canopies or other shade structures are allowed and umbrellas cannot be joined together).
  • No fire or any other combustibles including but not limited to sterno, propane flame or electric burners.
  • No battery or solar powered appliances, battery converters or inverters.
  • No amplified sound producing devices. Small portable radios are allowed, but may not be amplified or broadcast to negatively affect other visitors.
  • No tables or stands or boards or other products/materials positioned to function as a table.
  • No warming trays or other devices utilized for the preparation and service of food for consumption by more than one person.
  • No Fishing.
  • No Kite flying.
  • No Scuba diving and snorkeling.
  • No balls, frisbees, or similar objects are allowed in the water
  • From March 15 to September 15, no balls, frisbees or similar objects are allowed within 150 feet of posted shorebird nesting areas.
  • Vessels are prohibited at all designated swimming beaches.
  • The distance visitors may swim from shore is at the discretion of lifeguards based on existing conditions.
  • Ball playing restrictions are as follows:
    • Prohibited at the designated swimming beach at Great Kills Park, from Memorial Day through Labor Day, except by special use permit.
    • Ball playing and Frisbee on swimming beaches may be restricted to less populated areas with the swimming beach or restricted to areas outside the designated swimming beach.

Justification: These restrictions have been established for visitor safety and to minimize conflicts, disorderly offenses, hazardous conditions and unintended consequences that would likely impact park visitors if these activities were allowed.